Jackie Goes to Hell


This is a page from a story I produced for the recent Polish anthology New British Comics(!) It’s the brainchild of Karol Wisniewski, who put in a tremendous amount of work putting together an excellent comic, featuring wonderful new work from my amigos Paul O’Connell, Nelson Evergreen and Daniel Locke, among others. It’s available in a Polish or English language version, and is well worth a peek.

Jackie Goes to Hell  is basically the tale of Orpheus in the Underworld as if written by Jarvis Cocker. I got a real kick out of coming up with the various levels of Hell that Jackie descends through searching for her boyfriend’s soul, and from playing with grayscale duotones on it, trying to capture a specific feeling of English seaside misery.

3 thoughts on “Jackie Goes to Hell

  1. i was just thinking how much the gray suited the atmosphere of the piece and then, happyexcellence, i discover it’s not some photocopy but intentional. brilliant! every day is like sunday.

    in hell.

  2. Good boy.

    “Jackie..” is the first longform comic I’ve done since the heady days of ‘Tony is a werewolf’, and it’s nice to flex the writing muscles a bit.

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