Fake adverts

AD01These fake adverts were produced for Headpress publishing, and appeared in issue no.28 of the magazine of the same name. Headpress specialise in fringe and extreme sections of the pop cultural landscape, from neglected horror comics and mondo cinema to underground legends like John Sinclair. Ace stuff, well worth a look.

These adverts were collaborative – I produced the drawings and then a guy called Joe Scott Wilson did the words. I then put them together. Never met him, but I like what he did. They’re a parody/homage of all those weird little ads that used to appear in comic books, although some of those things are much weirder than what we produced.

AD02 AD03 AD04 AD05

3 thoughts on “Fake adverts

  1. Really enjoy your work, saw it initially at Mindless Ones. I’m not sure how I’d describe your humanoid characters… vaguely simian mutants, perhaps? Either way, this is good stuff.

  2. recently discovered it was Joe Orlando who did that original sea monkeys ad.
    he of “black freighter” fame, amongst (many) other things.

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