Able & Baker: Monkeys in Space!



Page3This was a strip I pitched to the recently defunct DFC. This was an attempt to create a new kind of British kids comic, and they courted a number of small press creators, alongside more established artists. It was an attempt to do something fresh and different and some nice stuff was produced. It’s a shame it didn’t find enough of an audience.

Able & Baker: Monkeys in Space was conceived as an anarchic kids comic strip in the best tradition of Leo Baxendale and Lew Stringer. I wanted greedy, lazy protagonists and more aliens and robots than you could shake a stick at. I basically wanted to do the kind of strip I would like to have read as a kid, free of the cloying sentimentality and wholesomeness that adults think kids want to read. I had big plans for the duo (and their faithful/psycho robot Schneider), but sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

Still, there’s a lot of potential with them, so should the right opportunity raise it’s ugly head…

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