CINDY & BISCUIT vol 1: WE LOVE TROUBLE is on sale now




Collects CINDY & BISCUIT issues 1-4, and features 2 new stories ‘Long Hot Summer’ and ‘Dinner For Three’, plus the never re-printed full colour strip ‘What We Did At The Weekend’.

184 pages, 16 full colour. Full colour cover, squarebound. First printing limited to 100 copies.

“Heartwarming. Like a flamethrower” according to Kieron Gillen

“I think I may be slightly in love with Cindy & Biscuit” said Si Spurrier

“Cindy & Biscuit is great stuff” is the opinion of Brandon Graham

So what are you waiting for? Get buying!

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CINDY & BISCUIT no.4 is here!

Now available:


28 b+w pages, colour cover

After it’s debut at this year’s Thought Bubble, Cindy & Biscuit no.4 is finally available. 28 pages, comprised of all of the Cindy & Biscuit one-pagers, Cindy & Biscuit and Mr Andrews, as well as the brand new strip ‘Cindy & Biscuit in Abominable’.

I’m super proud of this work – it’s the densest, most formally playful work I’ve ever done, but still includes plenty of hitting and smashing. Don’t forget that Cindy & Biscuit were also nominated for Best Young Person’s Comic at this year’s British Comic Awards!

You can buy it over at the Milk The Cat Shop, along with their other adventures

Check out some sample images:

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free Biscuit

I was involved in the Free Comic Book Day activities at wonderful Gosh Comics, best comic shop in London, and sponsor of SILENCE!

I spent the day, along with Warwick Johnson Cadwell (Tank Girl), Gary Northfield (Derek The Sheep, Teeny Tinysauryus) , Viviane Schwarz (There are Cats In This Book), Mark Buckingham (Miracleman, Fables, Tyranny Rex), David O’Conell and Lawrence Campbell (Avengers, BPRD), doing cartooning workshops with kids, and drawing on Gosh’s windows – lovely!

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Cindy & Biscuit no.3 is done, dusted and available for purchase now! Just in time for Christmas too…

And it’s the biggest issue yet – 56 pages! It includes the singe longest C&B story I’ve ever done, Abducted Again which clocks in at a whopping 37 pages! It also includes the stories Cindy & Biscuit and the Camera and Cindy & The Fever (previous published at Mindless Ones).

Needless to say, I’m super pleased with this and can safely say it’s the best work I’ve ever done. I hope you like it too.

Click below for some sample images, and then head over to my shop to get yourself a copy. While you’re there you can pick up issues 1 and 2!

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Cindy & Biscuit: Work in Progress

Here’s a page from the upcoming Cindy & Biscuit story ‘Abducted Again’. It’s looking to be the longest single C&B story yet, and it’s quite nice to stretch out with more space. I’m finding that it allows the story pace to breathe nicely and naturally. That said I do love the discipline of a short story, so I expect it’ll be the exception rather than the rule…